Getting Started Overview

The following sections provide a documentation Table of Contents and additional information sources for getting started with Ehcache.

“Getting Started” Table of Contents

Topic Description
Hello, Ehcache Introduction to caching with Ehcache and the benefits of caching.
Cache Topologies This overview of the Ehcache caching topologies highlights the differences between distributed and replicated caching.
Key Classes and Methods Definitions of terms, key Ehcache classes, and cache usage patterns, as well as explanations of the CacheManager and the Ehcache interface.
About Distributed Cache Distributed Ehcache combines an in-process Ehcache with the Terracotta Server Array acting as a backing cache store. This page details architecture and development for Distributed Ehcache running in a Terracotta cluster.
Consistency Options Explanation of the Distributed Ehcache consistency models in terms of standard distributed systems theory, plus use cases and recommended practices.
Storage Options Description of the three storage options for Ehcache–MemoryStore, OffHeapStore, and DiskStore–plus suitable Element types, configuration examples, and performance considerations.
Using Ehcache A quick guide to get you started with the packed Ehcache kit and using Ehcache with several popular platforms.
Building From Source Create your own Ehcache or distributed Ehcache build, rather than using the packed kit.

Getting Started in Theory and Practice

The following pages cover general caching theory:

The following pages provide background information that will help you to make informed decisions when configuring Ehcache:

The following pages get you up and running: