Operations Overview

The following sections provide a documentation Table of Contents and additional information sources about Ehcache operations.

Operations Table of Contents

Topic Description
Tuning GC Detecting Garbage Collection problems, Garbage Collection tuning, and distributed caching Garbage Collection tuning.
Ehcache Monitor The Ehcache Monitor is an add-on tool for Ehcache which provides enterprise-class monitoring and management capabilities for use in both development and production. It is intended to help understand and tune cache usage, detect errors, and provide an easy-to-use access point to integrate with production management systems. It also provides administrative functionality, such as the ability to forcefully remove items from caches.
JMX Management As an alternative to the Ehcache Monitor, JMX creates a standard way of instrumenting classes and making them available to a management and monitoring infrastructure.
Logging Ehcache uses the the slf4j logging facade, so you can plug in your own logging framework. This page also provides recommended logging levels.
Shutting Down Ehcache If you are using persistent disk stores, or distributed caching, care should be taken when shutting down Ehcache. This page covers the ServletContextListener, the shutdown hook, and dirty shutdown.

Additional Information about Operations

The following page provides additional information about the Ehcache Monitor: