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Configuring a Cache Event Listener
Cache event listeners are configured per cache. Each cache can have multiple listeners. Each listener is configured by adding a cacheEventListenerFactory element as follows:
<cache ...>
<cacheEventListenerFactory class="" properties="" listenFor=""/>
The entry specifies a CacheEventListenerFactory that creates a CacheEventListener, which then receives notifications. The attributes of a CacheEventListenerFactory are:
*class — a fully qualified factory class name.
*properties — optional comma-separated properties having meaning only to the factory.
*listenFor — describes which events will be delivered in a clustered environment (defaults to “all”).
These are the possible values:
*"all" — the default is to deliver all local and remote events.
*"local" — deliver only events originating in the current node.
*"remote" — deliver only events originating in other nodes (for BigMemory Max only).
Callbacks to listener methods are synchronous and unsynchronized. It is the responsibility of the implementer to safely handle the potential performance and thread safety issues depending on what their listener is doing.
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