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Common Issues using JMS-based Replication
Active MQ Temporary Destinatons
ActiveMQ seems to have a bug in at least ActiveMQ 5.1 where it does not cleanup temporary queues, even though they have been deleted. That bug appears to be long standing but was though to have been fixed. See
The JMSCacheLoader uses temporary reply queues when loading. The Active MQ issue is readily reproduced in Ehcache integration testing. Accordingly, use of the JMSCacheLoader with ActiveMQ is not recommended. Open MQ tests fine.
Active MQ works fine for replication.
WebSphere 5 and 6
WebSphere Application Server prevents MessageListeners, which are not MDBs, from being created in the container.
While this is a general Java EE limitation, most other app servers either are permissive or can be configured to be permissive. WebSphere 4 worked, but 5 and 6 enforce the restriction.
Accordingly, Ehcache together with JMS cannot be used with WebSphere 5 and 6.
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