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Using JMS for Replicated Caching
As of version 1.6, JMS can be used as the underlying mechanism for the replicated operations in Ehcache with the jmsreplication module.
JMS (Java Message Service) is a mechanism for interacting with message queues. Message queues themselves are a very mature piece of infrastructure used in many enterprise software contexts. Because they are a required part of the Java EE standard, the large enterprise vendors all provide their own implementations. There are also several open source choices including Open MQ and Active MQ. Ehcache is integration tested against both of these.
The Ehcache jmsreplication module lets organizations with a message queue investment leverage it for caching.
It provides:
*Replication between cache nodes using a replication topic, in accordance with Ehcache's standard replication mechanism
*Pushing of data directly to cache nodes from external topic publishers, in any language. This is done by sending the data to the replication topic, where it is automatically picked up by the cache subscribers.
*A JMSCacheLoader, which sends cache load requests to a queue. Either an Ehcache cluster node, or an external queue receiver can respond.
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