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About Using JMX
JMX creates a standard way of instrumenting classes and making them available to a management and monitoring infrastructure.
The package contains MBeans and a ManagementService for JMX management of Ehcache . It is in a separate package so that JMX libraries are only required if you want to use it. There is no leakage of JMX dependencies into the core Ehcache package.
Use the static method to register a selection of MBeans to the MBeanServer provided to the method. If you want to monitor Ehcache but not use JMX, use the existing public methods on Cache and CacheStatistics.
The Management package is illustrated in the following image.
As an alternative to using JMX, the Terracotta Management Console (TMC) is available for standalone Ehcache. TMC replaces Ehcache Monitor for monitoring, management, and administration. For information about the TMC, see the Terracotta website.
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