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Ehcache JRuby integration is provided by the jruby-ehcache gem. To install it, simply execute:
jgem install jruby-ehcache
Note that you may need to use "sudo" to install gems on your system.
Installation for Rails
If you want Rails caching support, you should also install the correct gem for your Rails version:
jgem install jruby-ehcache-rails2 # for Rails 2
jgem install jruby-ehcache-rails3 # for Rails 3
An alternative installation is to simply add the appropriate jruby-ehcache-rails dependency to your Gemfile, and then run a Bundle Install. This will pull in the latest jruby-ehcache gem.
*JRuby 1.5 and higher
*Rails 2 for the jruby-ehcache-rails2
*Rails 3 for the jruby-ehcache-rails3
*Ehcache 2.4.6 is the declared dependency, although any version of Ehcache will work.
The jruby-ehcache gem comes bundled with the ehcache-core.jar. To use a different version of Ehcache, place the Ehcache jar in the same Classpath as JRuby (for standalone JRuby) or in the Rails lib directory (for Rails).
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