About Ehcache : What is Ehcache?
What is Ehcache?
Ehcache is an open-source, standards-based cache for boosting performance, offloading your database, and simplifying scalability. As a robust, proven, and full-featured solution, it is today’s most widely used Java-based cache. You can use Ehcache as a general-purpose cache or a second-level cache for Hibernate. You can additionally integrate it with third-party products such as ColdFusion, Google App Engine, and Spring.
Ehcache provides in-process cache, which you can replicate across multiple nodes. It is also at the core of BigMemory Go and BigMemory Max, Terracotta’s commercial caching and in-memory data-storage products. The Terracotta Server Array provided with BigMemory Max enables mixed in-process/out-of-process configurations with terabyte-size caches. For information about Terracotta’s BigMemory offerings, see the BigMemory Go and BigMemory Max product documentation at http://terracotta.org/documentation.
BigMemory Max is available in trial and full versions. The open-source version of the Terracotta Server Array can be found at http://www.terracotta.org/downloads/open-source/catalog
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