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Configuring the CacheManagerPeerListener
A CacheManagerPeerListener listens for messages from peers to the current CacheManager.
You configure the CacheManagerPeerListener by specifiying a CacheManagerPeerListenerFactory which is used to create the CacheManagerPeerListener using the plugin mechanism.
The attributes of cacheManagerPeerListenerFactory are:
*class - a fully qualified factory class name
*properties - comma separated properties having meaning only to the factory.
Ehcache comes with a built-in RMI-based distribution system. The listener component is RMICacheManagerPeerListener which is configured using RMICacheManagerPeerListenerFactory. It is configured as per the following example:
properties="hostName=localhost, port=40001,
Valid properties are:
*hostName (optional) - the hostName of the host the listener is running on. Specify where the host is multihomed and you want to control the interface over which cluster messages are received. The hostname is checked for reachability during CacheManager initialisation. If the hostName is unreachable, the CacheManager will refuse to start and an CacheException will be thrown indicating connection was refused. If unspecified, the hostname will use InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostAddress(), which corresponds to the default host network interface. Warning: Explicitly setting this to localhost refers to the local loopback of, which is not network visible and will cause no replications to be received from remote hosts. You should only use this setting when multiple CacheManagers are on the same machine.
*port (mandatory) - the port the listener listens on.
*socketTimeoutMillis (optional) - the number of seconds client sockets will wait when sending messages to this listener until they give up. By default this is 2000ms.
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