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Working with Global Transactions
Global Transactions are supported by Ehcache . Ehcache can act as an {XAResouce} to participate in JTA transactions under the control of a Transaction Manager. This is typically provided by your application server. However you can also use a third party transaction manager such as Bitronix.
To use Global Transactions, select either “xa_strict” or “xa” mode.
Global transactions support is implemented at the Store level, through XATransactionStore and JtaLocalTransactionStore. The former decorates the underlying MemoryStore implementation, augmenting it with transaction isolation and two-phase commit support through an <XAResouce> implementation. The latter decorates a LocalTransactionStore-decorated cache to make it controllable by the standard JTA API instead of the proprietary TransactionController API.
During its initialization, the cache does a lookup of the Transaction Manager using the provided TransactionManagerLookup implementation. Then, using the TransactionManagerLookup.register(XAResouce), the newly created XAResource is registered. The store is automatically configured to copy every element read from the cache or written to it. Cache is copy-on-read and copy-on-write.
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