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Supported Types of Replication
Ehcache provides three mechanisms for replicating a cache across multiple nodes:
RMI Replicated Caching
Ehcache provides replicated caching using RMI. To set up RMI replicated caching, you need to configure the CacheManager with a PeerProvider and a CacheManagerPeerListener. Then for each cache that will be replicated, you need to add one of the RMI cacheEventListener types to propagate messages. You can also optionally configure a cache to bootstrap from other caches in the cluster.
JGroups Replicated Caching
JGroups can be used as the underlying mechanism for the replication operations in Ehcache. JGroups offers a very flexible protocol stack, reliable unicast, and multicast message transmission. To set up replicated caching using JGroups, you need to configure a PeerProviderFactory. For each cache that will be replicated, you then need to add a cacheEventListenerFactory to propagate messages.
JMS Replicated Caching
JMS can also be used as the underlying mechanism for replication operations in Ehcache. The Ehcache jmsreplication module lets organisations with a message queue investment leverage it for caching. It provides replication between cache nodes using a replication topic, pushing of data directly to cache nodes from external topic publishers, and a JMSCacheLoader, which sends cache load requests to a queue.
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