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Element Resource Operations
OPTIONS /{cache}}
Retrieves the WADL describing the available Element operations.
HEAD /{cache}/{element}
Retrieves the same metadata a GET would receive returned as HTTP headers. There is no body returned.
GET /{cache}/{element}
Gets the element value.
HEAD /{cache}/{element}
Gets the element's metadata.
PUT /{cache}/{element}
Puts an element into the Cache. The time to live of new Elements defaults to that for the cache. This may be overridden by setting the HTTP request header ehcacheTimeToLiveSeconds. Values of 0 to 2147483647 are accepted. A value of 0 means eternal.
DELETE / {cache}/{element}
Deletes the element from the cache. The resource representation for all elements is *. DELETE/\{cache\}/\* will call cache.removeAll().
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