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Packages that use DiskStorageFactory.DiskMarker This package contains the disk store. 

Uses of DiskStorageFactory.DiskMarker in

Methods in that return DiskStorageFactory.DiskMarker
protected  DiskStorageFactory.DiskMarker DiskStorageFactory.write(Element element)
          Write the given element to disk, and return the associated marker.

Methods in with parameters of type DiskStorageFactory.DiskMarker
 boolean DiskStore.fault(Object key, expect, DiskStorageFactory.DiskMarker fault)
          Atomically switch (CAS) the expect representation of this element for the fault representation.
protected  void marker)
          Free the given marker to be used by a subsequent write.
protected  void DiskStorageFactory.markUsed(DiskStorageFactory.DiskMarker marker)
          Mark this on-disk marker as used (hooks into the file space allocation structure).
 boolean DiskStore.putRawIfAbsent(Object key, DiskStorageFactory.DiskMarker encoded)
          Put the given encoded element directly into the store
protected  Element marker)
          Read the data at the given marker, and return the associated deserialized Element.


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