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net.sf.ehcache.pool This package contains the interfaces concerning the resource pooling facilities. 
net.sf.ehcache.pool.impl This package contains implementations of the resource pooling interfaces. 
net.sf.ehcache.pool.sizeof This package contains the SizeOf implementations for the pooling in Ehcache. This package contains the disk store. 

Uses of Size in net.sf.ehcache.pool

Methods in net.sf.ehcache.pool that return Size
 Size SizeOfEngine.sizeOf(Object key, Object value, Object container)
          Size an element

Uses of Size in net.sf.ehcache.pool.impl

Methods in net.sf.ehcache.pool.impl that return Size
 Size DefaultSizeOfEngine.sizeOf(Object key, Object value, Object container)
          Size an element

Uses of Size in net.sf.ehcache.pool.sizeof

Methods in net.sf.ehcache.pool.sizeof that return Size
 Size SizeOf.deepSizeOf(int maxDepth, boolean abortWhenMaxDepthExceeded, Object... obj)
          Measures the size in memory (heap) of the objects passed in, walking their graph down Any overlap of the graphs being passed in will be recognized and only measured once

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Methods in that return Size
 Size DiskSizeOfEngine.sizeOf(Object key, Object value, Object container)
          Size an element


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