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Packages that use RMICachePeer
net.sf.ehcache.distribution This package is for cache replication. 

Uses of RMICachePeer in net.sf.ehcache.distribution

Subclasses of RMICachePeer in net.sf.ehcache.distribution
 class TransactionalRMICachePeer
          An RMI based implementation of CachePeer supporting transactions.

Methods in net.sf.ehcache.distribution with parameters of type RMICachePeer
protected  void RMICacheManagerPeerListener.bind(String peerName, RMICachePeer rmiCachePeer)
          Bind a cache peer
protected  void RMICacheManagerPeerListener.disposeRMICachePeer(RMICachePeer rmiCachePeer)
          A template method to dispose an individual RMICachePeer.
protected  void RMICacheManagerPeerListener.unbind(RMICachePeer rmiCachePeer)
          Unbinds an RMICachePeer and unexports it.


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