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Packages that use ObjectExistsException
net.sf.ehcache This package contains the public API for using ehcache. 
net.sf.ehcache.config This package contains the cache configuration code. 

Uses of ObjectExistsException in net.sf.ehcache

Methods in net.sf.ehcache that throw ObjectExistsException
 void CacheManager.addCache(Cache cache)
          Adds a Cache to the CacheManager.
 void CacheManager.addCache(Ehcache cache)
          Adds an Ehcache to the CacheManager.
 void CacheManager.addCache(String cacheName)
          Adds a Ehcache based on the defaultCache with the given name.
 void CacheManager.addDecoratedCache(Ehcache decoratedCache)
          Adds a decorated Ehcache to the CacheManager.
 void CacheManager.addDecoratedCacheIfAbsent(Ehcache decoratedCache)
          Same as CacheManager.addDecoratedCache(Ehcache) but does not throw exception if another cache with same name already exists.

Uses of ObjectExistsException in net.sf.ehcache.config

Methods in net.sf.ehcache.config that throw ObjectExistsException
 void Configuration.addCache(CacheConfiguration cacheConfiguration)
          Allows BeanHandler to add Cache Configurations to the configuration.
 void Configuration.addDefaultCache(CacheConfiguration defaultCacheConfiguration)
          Allows BeanHandler to add a default configuration to the configuration.
 void Configuration.addDiskStore(DiskStoreConfiguration diskStoreConfigurationParameter)
          Allows BeanHandler to add disk store location to the configuration.
 void Configuration.addManagementRESTService(ManagementRESTServiceConfiguration managementRESTServiceConfiguration)
          Allows BeanHandler to add a ManagementRESTService configuration to the configuration
 void Configuration.addTerracottaConfig(TerracottaClientConfiguration terracottaConfiguration)
          Allows BeanHandler to add a Terracotta configuration to the configuration
 void Configuration.addTransactionManagerLookup(FactoryConfiguration transactionManagerLookupParameter)
          Allows BeanHandler to add transaction manager lookup to the configuration.
 Configuration Configuration.cache(CacheConfiguration cacheConfiguration)
          Builder to add a new cache through its config
 Configuration Configuration.defaultCache(CacheConfiguration defaultCacheConfiguration)
          Builder method to set the default cache configuration, this can only be used once.
 Configuration Configuration.diskStore(DiskStoreConfiguration diskStoreConfigurationParameter)
          Builder to add a disk store to the cache manager, only one disk store can be added.
 Configuration Configuration.managementRESTService(ManagementRESTServiceConfiguration cfg)
          Builder method to REST management capabilities to the cache manager through a dedicated configuration, this can only be used once.
 Configuration Configuration.terracotta(TerracottaClientConfiguration terracottaConfiguration)
          Builder method to Terracotta capabilities to the cache manager through a dedicated configuration, this can only be used once.
 Configuration Configuration.transactionManagerLookup(FactoryConfiguration transactionManagerLookupParameter)
          Builder to add a transaction manager lookup class to the cache manager, only one of these can be added.


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