Uses of Interface

Packages that use OperationConverter
net.sf.ehcache.writer.writebehind This package contains the write behind functionalities. 

Uses of OperationConverter in net.sf.ehcache.writer.writebehind

Classes in net.sf.ehcache.writer.writebehind that implement OperationConverter
 class CastingOperationConverter
          A converter that simply casts an existing KeyBasedOperation instance.

Methods in net.sf.ehcache.writer.writebehind with parameters of type OperationConverter
 void CoalesceKeysFilter.filter(List operations, OperationConverter<KeyBasedOperation> converter)
          Filter the operations of a write behind queue.
 void OperationsFilter.filter(List operations, OperationConverter<T> converter)
          Filter the operations of a write behind queue.


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