Package net.sf.ehcache.util

Util package.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
AggregateIterator<T> This Iterator iterates over a collection of iterators.
CacheTransactionHelper A collection of utility methods helping controlling transactions for managed operations which may require them.
CircularLossyQueue<T> An implementation of a CircularQueue data-structure.
ClassLoaderUtil Keeps all classloading in ehcache consistent.
FailSafeTimer A fail-safe timer in the sense that if the runtime environment restricts creating new threads, it doesn't blow up with an exception.
LargeCollection<E> Collection for large set.
LargeSet<E> Set for holding large entries of set.
MemoryEfficientByteArrayOutputStream This class is designed to minimise the number of System.arraycopy(); methods required to complete.
MemorySizeParser Memory size parser using the letter k or K to indicate kilobytes, the letter m or M to indicate megabytes, the letter g or G to indicate gigabytes and the letter t or T to indicate terabytes.
NamedThreadFactory A ThreadFactory that sets names to the threads created by this factory.
PreferTCCLObjectInputStream ObjectInputStream that first uses the thread context classloader (TCCL) when resolving classes with fallback to the regular rerializtion loader semantics (which will use this class's loader to resolve classes)
ProductInfo Build properties of the product
PropertyUtil Property utilities.
SetAsList<E> Wraps a set to provide a list interface.
Timestamper Generates increasing identifiers (in a single VM only).
TimeUtil Utilities for converting times
UpdateChecker Check for new Ehcache updates and alert users if an update is available
VmUtils Misc.
WeakIdentityConcurrentMap<K,V> A poor man's implementation of a WeakIdentityConcurrentMap to hold the CacheManager associated ExecutorServices

Annotation Types Summary
FindBugsSuppressWarnings Annotation used to suppress FindBugs warnings in Ehcache core code.

Package net.sf.ehcache.util Description

Util package. This package contains utilities - common functionality that can be factored out to utility classes which have public static methods.


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