Interface CacheExceptionHandler

public interface CacheExceptionHandler

A handler which may be registered with an Ehcache, to handle exceptions on Cache operations.

Handlers may be registered at configuration time in ehcache.xml, using a CacheExceptionHandlerFactory, or set at runtime (a strategy).

If an exception handler is registered, the default behaviour of throwing the exception will not occur. The handler method onException will be called. Of course, if the handler decides to throw the exception, it will propagate up through the call stack. If the handler does not, it won't.

Some common Exceptions thrown, and which therefore should be considered when implementing this class are listed below:

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Method Summary
 void onException(Ehcache ehcache, Object key, Exception exception)
          Called if an Exception occurs in a Cache method.

Method Detail


void onException(Ehcache ehcache,
                 Object key,
                 Exception exception)
Called if an Exception occurs in a Cache method. This method is not called if an Error occurs.

ehcache - the cache in which the Exception occurred
key - the key used in the operation, or null if the operation does not use a key or the key was null
exception - the Exception caught.


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