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Packages that use PoolEvictor
net.sf.ehcache.pool This package contains the interfaces concerning the resource pooling facilities. 
net.sf.ehcache.pool.impl This package contains implementations of the resource pooling interfaces. 

Uses of PoolEvictor in net.sf.ehcache.pool

Methods in net.sf.ehcache.pool that return PoolEvictor
 PoolEvictor Pool.getEvictor()
          Return the pool evictor used by this pool.

Uses of PoolEvictor in net.sf.ehcache.pool.impl

Classes in net.sf.ehcache.pool.impl that implement PoolEvictor
 class BalancedAccessEvictor
          Abstract implementation of a global 'cache value' maximizing pool eviction algorithm.
 class FromLargestCachePoolEvictor
          Abstract pool evictor which always evicts from the store consuming the most resources.

Methods in net.sf.ehcache.pool.impl that return PoolEvictor
 PoolEvictor UnboundedPool.getEvictor()
          Return the pool evictor used by this pool.
 PoolEvictor AbstractPool.getEvictor()
          Return the pool evictor used by this pool.

Constructors in net.sf.ehcache.pool.impl with parameters of type PoolEvictor
AbstractPool(long maximumPoolSize, PoolEvictor evictor, SizeOfEngine defaultSizeOfEngine)
          Create an AbstractPool instance
BoundedPool(long maximumPoolSize, PoolEvictor evictor, SizeOfEngine defaultSizeOfEngine)
          Create a BoundedPool instance
StrictlyBoundedPool(long maximumPoolSize, PoolEvictor evictor, SizeOfEngine defaultSizeOfEngine)
          Create a StrictlyBoundedPool instance


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