Uses of Class

Packages that use DiskStorageFactory This package contains the disk store. 

Uses of DiskStorageFactory in

Methods in that return DiskStorageFactory
 DiskStorageFactory DiskStorageFactory.DiskSubstitute.getFactory()
          Returns the DiskStorageFactory instance that generated this DiskSubstitute

Constructors in with parameters of type DiskStorageFactory
Segment(int initialCapacity, float loadFactor, DiskStorageFactory primary, CacheConfiguration cacheConfiguration, PoolAccessor onHeapPoolAccessor, PoolAccessor onDiskPoolAccessor, RegisteredEventListeners cacheEventNotificationService,<CacheOperationOutcomes.EvictionOutcome> evictionObserver)
          Create a Segment with the given initial capacity, load-factor, primary element substitute factory, and identity element substitute factory.


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