Package net.sf.ehcache.transaction.xa

This package contains the functionality to provide XA support to a transactional Cache.


Interface Summary
EhcacheXAResource EhcacheXAResource represents an Ehcache instance.
XAExecutionListener Listener interface which provides callback hooks for listening to the 2PC lifecycle
XidTransactionID A special TransactionID using a XID internally

Class Summary
EhcacheXAResourceImpl The EhcacheXAResource implementation
SerializableXid A serializable XID
XATransactionContext An XATransactionContext represents the data local to a Transaction that involves a transactional Cache.

Enum Summary
XaCommitOutcome The Enum XaCommitOutcome.
XaRecoveryOutcome The Enum XaRecoveryOutcome.
XaRollbackOutcome The Enum XaRollbackOutcome.

Exception Summary
EhcacheXAException Small extension to the XAException defined in the JTA standard, so that the errorCode is provided when instantiating the Exception thrown
OptimisticLockFailureException This exception is used internally when an optimistic lock failed, ie: when the expected previous value is not found at commit time.

Package net.sf.ehcache.transaction.xa Description

This package contains the functionality to provide XA support to a transactional Cache.

As of now, only READ_COMMITED isolation level is provided. This is being handled by both XATransactionContext (being the local transactional data) and XATransactionStore (wrapping the underlying Store instance and keeping the "in-transaction operations" on the cache in sync with the XATransactionContext XA implementation.

It also contains Ehcache support for JTA XAResource: EhcacheXAResourceImpl.


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