Gladstone Technology Preview Documentation

The Gladstone Technology Preview program is now over. The Technology Preview introduced the following new features:

  • Terracotta Management Console - The Terracotta Management Console (TMC) is a web-based administration and monitoring application providing with a wealth of advantages, including:

    • Multilevel security architecture, with end-to-end SSL secure connections available
    • Feature-rich and easy-to-use in-browser interface
    • Remote management capabilities requiring only a web browser and network connection
    • Cross-platform deployment
    • Role-based authentication
    • Aggregates statistics from multiple nodes
    • Flexible deployment model plugs into both development environments and secure production architectures

The TMC can monitor standalone Ehcache version 2.6.0 nodes. For more information, see the file README.txt under the /tmc directory in the Ehcache ee-2.6 kit.

  • Fast Restartability - Standalone Enterprise Ehcache now has complete fault tolerance and fast restart capability. For more information, refer to the Fast Restartability page.

  • Search Improvements:

    • Searchable Ehcache is faster, almost as fast as Ehcache without Search.

    • All Search features are available for BigMemory in standalone Ehcache.

    • The option to group search results is now available. For more information, refer to Query with GroupBy.

  • Terracotta Cluster Security – Add SSL security to the Terracotta Server Array (server-server connections) and all client connections.

Release Notes

The release notes for the current release are available here.