Documentation Overview

The Table of Contents provides an overview of the Ehcache 2.7 documentation on this site. Each topic below corresponds to a menu item at the left. The sections following are pointers to essential information about Ehcache.

Ehcache 2.7 Documentation Table of Contents

Topic Description
Getting Started Introduction to Ehcache and general concepts in caching, as well as a quick start guide.
Configuration Everything you need to know to get up and running with Ehcache. The focus is on stand-alone and distributed caching. (For specifics on replicated caching, see Replication.)
BigMemory Configuring Ehcache with BigMemory greatly extends the memory available for caching. The BigMemory overview page provides links to the important topics for working with BigMemory.
Automatic Resource Control (ARC) ARC includes features such as memory-based cache sizing, dynamic allocation of memory across multiple caches, and automatic load balancing. The ARC overview page provides links to the important topics for configuring ARC.
APIs The APIs menu includes a page for each API that provides comprehensive coverage of the application features.
Operations The Operations menu includes pages on monitoring, logging, improving performance, and troubleshooting.
Replication How to use Ehcache for replicated caching with RMI, JGroups, and JMS. (For specifics on distributed caching, see the Distributed Ehcache Configuration Guide.)
Modules The Modules menu includes pages about the Cache Server web services and web caching.
Hibernate 2nd-Level Cache The Hibernate overview page provides links to the important topics for integrating Ehcache with Hibernate.
Integrations The Integrations menu includes a page for each container or platform supported. See also the note below on Ehcache versions.
Recipes Specific use cases and solutions to common problems.
Code Samples Examples that will help you get started with Ehcache.
FAQ A clearinghouse of frequently asked questions about distributed caching, replicated caching, and Ehcache in general.

Caching Pointers

If you are new to caching, you might want to start with the following pages:

A Distributed or Replicated Cache?

If your application node shares cached data, and you are evaluating distribution versus replication, see this page on cache topologies.

Integrating Ehcache

NOTE: Some containers and frameworks have a built-in dependency on earlier versions of Ehcache and may have out-of-date Ehcache in their classpath. In this case, an older version of Ehcache may actually be loaded at runtime, which can cause ClassNotFound and other errors.

The links below provide details for each platform:

Improving Performance and Troubleshooting

Previous Versions

Documentation is also available for the following version of Ehcache:

For a listing of current and previous releases, and links to release notes and platform compatibility tables, go to the Release Information page.

For documentation on earlier versions of Terracotta software, contact Customer Support.


Ehcache has had many contributions in the form of forum discussions, feature requests, bug reports, patches and code commits. Rather than try and list the many hundreds of people who have contributed to Ehcache in some way it is better to link to the web site where contributions are acknowledged in the following ways:

  • Bug reports and features requests appear in Jira.
  • Patch contributors generally end up with an author tag in the source they contributed to.
  • Team members appear on the team list page.