Hibernate Overview

Accelerating Hibernate applications typically involves reducing their reliance on the database when fetching data. Terracotta offers powerful in-memory solutions for maximizing the performance of Hibernate applications:

  • Ehcache as a plug-in second-level cache for Hibernate – Automatically cache common queries in memory to substantially lower latency.
  • BigMemory for an in-memory store – Leverage off-heap physical memory to keep more of the data set close to your application and out of reach of Java garbage collection.
  • Automatic Resource Control for intelligent caching – Pin the hot set in memory for high-speed access and employ fine-grained sizing controls to avoid OutOfMemory errors.

The following sections provide a documentation Table of Contents and important information on using Ehcache with Hibernate.

Hibernate Table of Contents

Topic Description
Hibernate Second-Level Cache Ehcache easily integrates with the Hibernate Object/Relational persistence and query service. This page should be your first stop for configuration information, performance tips, and FAQs.
JMX Management and Monitoring JMX monitoring is often used for Hibernate replicated caching. This page contains a section on Hibernate Statistics.
Grails Includes recipes and code samples for using Ehcache with Hibernate and Grails.

Important Notices - PLEASE READ

Users of Ehcache and/or Terracotta Ehcache for Hibernate prior to Ehcache 2.0 should read Upgrade Notes for Ehcache versions prior to 2.0. These instructions are for Hibernate 3.

For older instructions on how to use Hibernate 2.1, please refer to Guide for Version 1.1.

Additional Information about Hibernate

The following pages provide additional information about using Ehcache with Hibernate: