Modules Overview

The following sections provide a documentation Table of Contents and additional information sources about the Ehcache modules.

Modules Table of Contents

Topic Description
SOAP and RESTful Cache Server The Ehcache Cache Server has two APIs: RESTful resource oriented, and SOAP. The Ehcache RESTFul Web Services API exposes the singleton CacheManager. Resources are identified using a URI template. Ehcache’s W3C Web Services support the WS-I definition and use the SOAP and WSDL specifications.
Web Caching Ehcache provides a set of general purpose web caching filters in the ehcache-web module. Using these can make a significant difference to web application performance. With built-in gzipping, storage and network transmission are highly efficient. Cache pages and fragments make excellent candidates for DiskStore storage.

Additional Information about the Modules

The following pages provide additional information about the Ehcache modules: