Table of Contents

The Table of Contents provides an overview of the Ehcache 3.4 documentation on this site. Each topic below corresponds to a menu item at the left.

Basic Topics

Topic Description

Getting Started

Learn the essentials

Tiering options

Using resources other than heap memory, combining them or not


Examples of using Ehcache APIs

XML Configuration

How to configure Ehcache using XML

JCache aka JSR-107

Using Ehcache as a JCache (javax.cache) aka JSR-107 provider

Configuration XSD

Reference XSD for configuration

Clustering with Terracotta

Using Terracotta to enable clustering of caches in Ehcache

General Topics

Topic Description

Caching Terms

Learn terms that relate to caching

Caching Concepts

Learn concepts that relate to caching

Caching Patterns

Learn common patterns of cache usage

Advanced Topics

Topic Description

Migration Guide

Ehcache2 to Ehcache3 Migration Guide


Data freshness and expiration

Thread Pools

Using and controlling threads in Ehcache 3

Serializers and Copiers

Understanding and configuring serializers and copiers

Transactions Support

Using Ehcache with a JTA transaction manager

Cache Writers

Using cache writers (write-through and write-behind)

User Managed Caches

Creating and making use of caches directly

Cache Event Listeners

Getting notified about events within the cache

Eviction Advisor

Affecting the way entries are chosen for eviction

Class loading

Ehcache and ClassLoader interactions