Package net.sf.ehcache.util

Util package.


Interface Summary
LongSequence A sequence producing longs

Class Summary
AggregateIterator<T> This Iterator iterates over a collection of iterators.
AtomicLongSequence Simple non-persistent implementation of LongSequence
CacheTransactionHelper A collection of utility methods helping controlling transactions for managed operations which may require them.
CircularLossyQueue<T> An implementation of a CircularQueue data-structure.
ClassLoaderUtil Keeps all classloading in ehcache consistent.
FailSafeTimer A fail-safe timer in the sense that if the runtime environment restricts creating new threads, it doesn't blow up with an exception.
LargeCollection<E> Collection for large set.
LargeSet<E> Set for holding large entries of set.
MemoryEfficientByteArrayOutputStream This class is designed to minimise the number of System.arraycopy(); methods required to complete.
MemorySizeParser Memory size parser using the letter k or K to indicate kilobytes, the letter m or M to indicate megabytes, the letter g or G to indicate gigabytes and the letter t or T to indicate terabytes.
MergedEnumeration<E> An utility class to merge several enumerations into a single one
NamedThreadFactory A ThreadFactory that sets names to the threads created by this factory.
PreferredLoaderObjectInputStream ObjectInputStream that uses a supplied classloader when resolving classes
ProductInfo Build properties of the product
PropertyUtil Property utilities.
SetAsList<E> Wraps a set to provide a list interface.
Timestamper Generates increasing identifiers (in a single VM only).
TimeUtil Utilities for converting times
UpdateChecker Check for new Ehcache updates and alert users if an update is available
VmUtils Misc.
WeakIdentityConcurrentMap<K,V> A poor man's implementation of a WeakIdentityConcurrentMap to hold the CacheManager associated ExecutorServices

Annotation Types Summary
FindBugsSuppressWarnings Annotation used to suppress FindBugs warnings in Ehcache core code.

Package net.sf.ehcache.util Description

Util package. This package contains utilities - common functionality that can be factored out to utility classes which have public static methods.


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